The Revenge of Chogozz

The Dungeon of Blackforge Keep

Valandil Arcamenel, Faeorian, and (Erik’s Character’s name) were all enjoying stories of the past and of recent adventures at the Blackforge Tavern, when all of a sudden an anxious Dwarf ran into the room and shouted “Where are the adventurers”. Surprised the all three raised their hands and the Dwarf raced towards them. “Hello my name is ”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: baldrick-greybeard_, I have come under the kings orders to bring you to him" yelled the Dwarf. The adventurers followed Baldrick to the throne room where they saw Ulric Greybeard pacing worriedly. “Who the hell are you!” screamed the king out of frustration “These are the adventurers you told me to find” explained Baldrick. “Ahhhh my apologies anyways straight to the point, our royal dungeon has been overrun by something. We are not sure because the only remaining guard is the head of the guards and was not at his post!” said Ulric as he hits Baldrick across the head “I need you to go down and find out what is going on and then report back to me, Baldrick will tell you everything you need to know before heading down tomorrow after you have rested. I will provide room for all of you if you accept this quest”. After some contemplation the adventurers all agreed to help the king.

The next day the adventurers gathered weapons in hand at the entrance to the dungeons. They found Baldrick waiting for them. “Alright good you are all here, let me start off by saying that I have no idea what happened down there just that all my men have been dead for a couple of days” explained Baldrick. Valandil pondered this and said “What do you belief happened down there?” " I belief that it has somethin’ to do with magic" said Baldric “you must go down there and figure out what happened and take care of the problem”.

After some final preparations the adventurers headed down the stairwell into the never ending pit of darkness, luckily Faeorian had acquired a torch the day before. When the party was at the bottom of the stairwell Faeorian produced a flame from his hand and lit the torch, the room was immediately illuminated and the adventurers noticed horrific sites. The room was very desolate and muggy, the room was littered with cob webs and blood of tortured prisoners. upon the walls were seven skeletons chained up by their wrists, it was obvious that the damp dungeon was used often. The party continued down another set of stairs on the west side of the room. The adventurers walked into a similarly horrid room as before but much larger in size. (Erik’s character) heard the lowly sounds of grunting coming from one of the dead guards. After a moments thought he realized the the bodies were reanimating into zombies. When the dead dwarven guards were approximately twenty feet away (Erik’s character) charged them with his duel war axes and whacked the zombies head and knocked it onto the ground. At the same moment another corpse arose and swung at Valandil who got knocked back a little, then Faeorian conjured a magic missiles from thin air and hurled them towards the zombie attacking (Erik’s character). Valandil pulled out his bow and shot the corpse attacking him point-blank in the head and sent the zombie flying in the air until the corpse hit the wall on the other side of the room. It was successfully defeated. As the only remaining zombie attempted to attack (Erick’s character), Valandil pulled another arrow back and released. When the arrow hit the dead guard and knocked it back a few feet (Erick’s character) swung both of his axes, one towards the head and the other from the opposite side, slicing the zombie in half.

After killing the zombies Valandil collected his arrows and the adventurers set off down into the next room. On the other side of this room stood a Drow with a sinister look on his face and he laughingly said “Ah so you have defeated those corpses I brought back from the dead”. “Yes and now you are going to tell us who you are!” screamed (Erick’s character) “I am Valrak Barriarn you pathetic Half-Orc, you shall learn to tremble at the sound of my name!” mockingly said Valrak. Enraged by Valrak’s comment (Erik’s character) ran, jumped, swung on a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and attacked Valrak. Majorly injured Valrak screamed “This will not be the last time we meet you horrid lot”.

Relieved that they had solved the mystery and defeated Valrak. The party returned the Ulric and explained everything, “Oh thank you, thank you! Oh I almost forgot your reward for completing the quest”. Ulric handed each person one hundred gold! Exhausted by the whole thing they all went back to the tavern and called it a day.



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